Larsa Europe Group

Larsa Group is an international group of companies operates three branches.





About Company

  • Wide Specializations

    The group is specialized in several fields, including Construction, Trading and Academic. This company has the material and scientific capabilities and practical experience that qualifies it to implement various projects in all fields and in general scientific specifications and standards.

  • Experienced team

    The company includes a group of consulting engineers in various engineering disciplines and with great consulting and executive experience, as well as organizing specialists in the field of general trade and academic training, which makes the company qualified in the management, planning, supervision and implementation of various projects and contracting.

  • Supervision consulting

    In addition, the company has a specialized staff to carry out the work of design, analysis and estimation of quantities and costs and consulting supervision of all projects and engineering works.

  • Training Services

    LARSA provides efficient and effective with training and seminars according to your needs.

    The training provides using either accredited in-house training providers or third party service providers such as manufacturer’s trainers. LARSA is also able to assist its clients to develop their own internal training regimes. 

    Training location depends on client’s requirement either LARSA Site Dubai/Iraq, Client’s Site or Manufacturer’s Site.

We offer also the possibility to organize specialized scientific and academic training and application courses.

Larsa Europe Divisions

International group of companies specializes in:


The founders of the company have long experience in the fields of design, construction, project management, infrastructure and large facilities such as the construction of housing units for the benefit of the Baghdad government and the establishment of many roads and specialized buildings such as construction laboratories and welding laboratories for the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals.


The Mother company has long experience and specialized in construction equipment and tools, electrical and mechanization as well as every other related to the import and export of materials and food machinery.


The purpose of this section is to improve the engineering and technical crews in Iraq by providing trainee ship cooperating with the unique European institutions and companies. The activity is concentrating on such fields like: architecture and construction. We are aiming to deliver our experience to the Sindicate of Iraqi Engineers and the other iraqi counterparts.